Usually, between 50 and 150 individual hairs are shed from the scalp every day. This is not necessarily a sign of hair loss: rather, it is a sign that hair follicles are going into their resting phase which is a natural part of the follicle’s life cycle.

When enough follicles do not recover from the “resting phase,” you are suffering from hair loss. with that being said! what are we going to do about it? I am sure you have done mountains of research on products and treatments that claim to stimulate growth….

The story morning glory is some do ,and some don’t. Often times with topical treatments they get into your bloodstream and are not safe for many who suffer from various health issues. Also, the product could be to strong riddled with chemicals that burn your face and scalp…(BTW this happened to me). 

This led me to search for an all natural pain free product to deliver results. I am happy to have something to recommend with confidence based on my personal testimony.

There are may factors as to why we loose hair, that’s not the point of my blog post today…lets not loose our confidence behind this issue! I hear stories everyday of someone who has found a method that they stuck with, and whilst implementing it they saw amazing results. Here is the million dollar answer…….consistency!

 You have to get that voice in your head saying to you this will never work out for me as it has others, that mindset my friend will never get us anything we are trying to accomplish.  

So lets achieve that crown of glory , if you want to learn more about what I believe is the best scientific method click here to learn more!