OK now, you have started to see that fine new hair-growth that you have been hoping for in at what seems to be forever.

What is the best way to begin taking care of your scalp as well as your new beautiful hair. I am sure you have seen a lot of remedies with oils and protein base food products for hair health.

I can tell you that I believe in them wholehartedly . I will give you a few of products that I use in my weekly hair routine to keep my hair, and most importantly scalp healthy!

The first and my favorite is black seed oil!  it has ancient roots that have been said to cure everything but death! how you like them apples…when I read this I said well, well ,well if it does all that then it must be amazing for the hair and scalp.

Now I must warn you that is smells a lot like car oil to me….I’m just saying! so what I have done with it is add a few drops of lavender oil t and it smells amazing.

You also can purchase capsules that a vegetarian if you want to ingest it while using the oil in your hair, for a double whammy!

May I suggest that you can expieriment with many different scented oils for topical use.

Second is Amla oil that is also amazing….it again is a strong smelling oil that can be mixed with other essential oils and products like eggs , mayonnaise ,honey and ginger..ect  Why don’t you put your feet up for an soothing end of the week hair mask that will be extra intense if you infuse it with eucalyptus and peppermint extract.

Amla oil is also used to prevent premature graying….just be careful its green in color and can stain light surfaces.

Stay on the lookout for more natural hair treatment ideas that will help us with the progress we continue to make with our new emerging  hair.  Again, lets kick hair-loss in the pants as a community here on the web.

Hey as always….if you want to chat or comment do so I am only a message away