Dear Thinning Hairline…Its Me!

As you all may know if you read my about me page on this site…I have had some serious hairloss issues in the past stemming from my pregnancy.

I did not tell you that my mother suffered from thinning in her grown as well as the delicate hairline. so one would question whether or not tis was actually a postpartum issue or one of heredity or maybe both!

which brings me to this post today as I explained in the about me section of this review , I looked at a picture a family member took of me and I was astonished to see my hairline in the front …nothing but thin hair with tons of scalp…my thoughts were OH my what is happening why didn’t someone tell me!

I felt so ashamed and unattractive. so I decided to take action and begin looking for a product that could help me begin to not only regrow but stop the hair-fall in its tracks…quite a few women, and men around the globe face some form of hair-fall whether stress or medically induced.

I along with my mother began treatment at the same time, her thinning crown began to fill in about 4 weeks later also her comb was no longer full of hair that seemed to be a never ending fall of hair.

Fast forward now roughly a year later.. Her self image has shot through the roof and she is able to wear her natural hair free of that thinning crown and hairline…My mom along with myself are proud to say we no longer are struggling with hair-loss, and that is thanks to what I consider to be the most effective at home hair regrowth system on the market today…check it out and read why this formulation is head and shoulders above the rest……..Ladies click here 

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