I blog alot about hair-loss and what is working in this arena for the quest to find the very best cure to this quirky little thing we call hair-fall. When I believe its more than just the treatments we decide to use, it is our attitude moving into the treatment.

for example the little engine that could vs the freight train that will! In all honesty loosing hair becomes part of a psychological downer for most which can lead us into some deeper issues, maybe even some we didn’t know existed.

Dwelling on what could be the cause, and how will this affect my looks, even will I still be attractive to my lover. All of this plays a huge part in how we handle this delicate situation. Anyone who may be reading this article could be a hair-loss sufferer like me or someone who is in support of someone helping them to cope.

If you are the latter of the two you are in the right place. is a site that was created to be an interactive blog community in total support of all people suffering from thinning and balding. Connect with me leave comments, and yes email me! I want this place to fell safe where you can read empowering supportive articles.

So if you like what what you read above look at some of the other articles, and check back daily to see whats new.

Talk soon-ERIKA