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I blog because I am passionate about the issue of hair loss in women! I do however know that you gentlemen who message me, and ask me about male pattern baldness have the same if not more questions about how to reverse this hair fall issue. So, for all you handsome fellas  this article is for you.

If you read my story in all about me section you will see that I have had some issues with hair loss, it is a very serious situation regarding our self-esteem.

We always question is it my diet, or does baldness runs on my mom’s side etc… We have both been there. Thank goodness for modern science, and research we no longer have to settle for hair loss being a dismal outcome.

I urge you to simply read into the science aspect of what I consider to be the best option on the market today for hair loss in general, male or female! I tried many different products nothing else seemed to work. 

I am thankful that there is something on the market today that’s natural and can help us reverse hair loss completely. Click here to read more

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